Are you closing at this time? No.  However, check the contact page to see the reduced hours and reduced days.  Do you accept eftpos? Yes, we accept most cards. Do you make clothes and do you do alterations? No, and no. Do you sell Catholic Stoles and do you do customised embroidery on them? While we have white and ivory stoles that come with two embroidered crosses on them, or white stoles with a cross embroidered on one side and a dove embroidered on the other side, we don’t do additional customised embroidery. Do you do customised embroidery on towels? No. Do you sell Communion dresses? No. Is there a minimum amount of time you need to make up an Orthodox Christening order? Provided that we have everything we need at the shop, within a week.  However, people usually shop 1 to 3 months before. Do you lay-by? Yes.
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